Looking to Simon's Seat in the snow

A Year in Wharfedale

This gallery displays some of my latest work, inspired by the valley in which I live - Wharfedale. This beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales has its beginnings in the heart of the Dales at the Cam Head, ending when it joins the river Ouse south of York near Cawood.

I wanted to reflect the changing colours and light in the valley through the year. These changes can make the same scene quite different - I wanted to explore that. In truth some of these paintings extend beyond the catchment of the Wharfe - I will explain my reasoning for this at some point.

I will keep adding to this gallery over the next few months as I do new paintings. I have quite a few in my head at the moment, they keep springing out onto paper. I am also writing about the journeys I have taken to capture the scenes I have painted, some short walks and runs, others longer runs and bike rides. I am hoping I will be able to connect them together to form my next book.

Artengill Viaduct, Dentdale

Twelve Apostles, Ilkley Moor
Summer flowers in Bramhope

Long-tailed tits on Christmas Day
Dry-stone wall on the Chevin

October trees, Chevin

Autumn leaves and berries on the Chevin

Sunset up the valley
Cowper's Cross, Ilkley Moor

Nidderdale from Scar House Dam
Wharfedale from the Bar House on the Leeds-Otley Road

Trees in Shipley Glen
Ribblehead and Whernside in midwinter

Bluebells in Danefield

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